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Eylea syringes linked to adverse patient reactions in the U.S

Regeneron has blamed syringes for adverse reactions experienced by some users of its best-selling anti-VEGF drug Eylea.

The outcome was a result of an internal investigation by the multinational drug company, following a Bloomberg report that highlighted increasing rates of a condition known as intraocular inflammation.

The ongoing investigation did not find any specific problem with the syringes, but their use was found to be more commonly associated with the patients that had experienced adverse reactions to the treatment.

The syringes have since been recalled. According to Bloomberg, the side effects had caused some patients to experience pain and a sharp decline in vision, but most were able to be treated effectively with steroids.

The side effects were contained to the US, and according to a letter sent to doctors by Regeneron, were limited to between the 1–4 cases per 10,000 injections typically reported during clinical studies and post-marketing surveillance.

However, although overall reporting rates remained within these margins, increased rates were linked with certain Eylea kits containing syringes that had been distributed recently.

Bayer, the company that holds the international marketing rights for Eylea, said it was certain none of the affected syringes were shipped to doctors outside the US, as the company does not provide syringes with the drug at all.

Eylea generated US$5.93 billion (AU$7.54 b) in revenue during the 2017 financial year, a 14% increase compared to the previous 12 months. Regeneron shares gained 1% on the back of the company’s announcement, to sit at US$326.66 (AU$415.43).

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