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Luxottica employs 100 new graduate optometrists

14/02/2018By Matthew Woodley
Luxottica-owned OPSM and Laubman & Pank have celebrated the appointment of 100 optometry graduates across Australia and New Zealand, double the number employed last year.

Mr Peter Murphy, Luxottica’s director of eyecare and community, said a focus on flexible career development had resulted in a larger, stronger pool of young optometrists applying for graduate positions.

“We offer graduates internal mobility to experience different working environments. Those who accept placements in a regional or remote area for six months or more are guaranteed a position back in their home city at the end of the tenure if that’s what they want to do,” he explained.

"With over 370 practices across Australia and New Zealand, young optometrists have plenty of options."
Peter Murphy, Luxottica's director of eyecare and community

“This has made them [optometrists] more receptive to moving. With over 370 practices across Australia and New Zealand, young optometrists have plenty of options.”

According to Murphy, the increased intake was also in response to greater demand for optometry appointments at OPSM and Laubman & Pank stores.

“OPSM has reacted to customers eyecare needs by providing optometry services early mornings, weekends and evenings on late shopping nights, which has resulted in an increased need for optometrists,” he said.

As part of offering flexible work conditions OPSM launched the Eyecare Country Connect program, which encourages internal mobility and its optometrists to work and travel widely among the group’s 350 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

“Eyecare Country Connect is a new way of looking at our optometry team. It taps into the aspirations of our optometrists to live and work in other locations, other than their home city, with the guarantee of their previous position when they return home, if they so desire,” Murphy explained.

The 2018 graduate optometrists were introduced to the company and each other at a celebratory Sydney harbour cruise in January.


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