40 years on, Insight has a new home

Following a lengthy and satisfying stint as a single, stand-alone publication, and at 73 years of age, I have decided to retire as editor and publisher.
Much has changed in the industry since we first published in 1975 as a tabloid-size newspaper, and I’ve been extrely fortunate to have made many friends in the ophthalmic profession and industry, as well as having an excellent staff and helpful production and distribution providers. It will be sad to lose touch with those friends as time goes by but there comes a point when everyone reaches an age where they need to slow down.
Gunnamatta Media is a niche business magazine publisher with leading-edge digital media technology. The company, headed by Coleby Nicholson, owns sector-leading magazines Jeweller and Quarry and will bring a newfound energy to Insight and the wider eye-care industry.
While I will be hanging up my blue pencil after a transition period with Gunnamatta Media, I will maintain a link to my beloved publication by contributing stories for the new publisher.
The decision to retire was not one that I took lightly and, in fact, I first had discussions with Gunnamatta Media in 2013 and we have continued discussions since. While I didn’t consider it was time to retire three years ago, it did allow me to stay in contact with, and observe the success of, Gunnamatta Media, especially its online media activities.
I have now come to the conclusion that the time is right and I’m confident that, as publisher, Gunnamatta Media will prove to be a great asset for Insight and that it will be very successful in its ophthalmic publishing endeavours.
Inevitably there will be changes especially given the rapid transformation of the media industry worldwide; however, I am confident they will be for the good.
The reason I can say that is after a number of serious and detailed conversations with Coleby Nicholson, it is clear that we both share the same views on publishing, particularly the role of a news publication such as Insight, and agree that the overall ‘spirit’ of the publication will rain in place.
Like most people, I’m sure it will be hard to come to grips with retirent but I’m proud of Insight’s record and our 40-year legacy and am happy to now be passing over the baton at a very interesting stage for the industry.
The world is changing fast for eye-care practitioners – and business in general – due to the increasing importance of the internet but, at the same time, the local market needs to be refreshed and revitalised.
For those reasons I think Insight, under a new publisher, will serve to enhance the industry.
Best wishes,

Neil Forbes

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