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Assessing a patient's fitness to drive

With an increasingly ageing population, KAREN CROUCH explains the sometimes-complicated task practitioners face when reviewing the fitness levels of their elder patients and their ability to drive. Read more »

The power of benchmarking

KAREN CROUCH delves into the importance of comparing your practice not only against its performance from last year, but also your competitors. Read more »

Five steps to achieve staff engagement

Managers play a leading role in establishing and fostering employee engagement. PAUL KEIJER outlines five ways to improve staff motivation and emotional wellbeing. Read more »

Strong fundamentals, sound practice

It’s all too easy to criticise the performance of admin staff; the instinctive reaction is to blame the employee. However, as KAREN CROUCH explains, it’s important to first examine internal factors. Read more »
The only platform business owners have real control over is a website

There's no substitute for a website

Social media plays an important role in an online marketing strategy but it’s a mistake for a practice owner to think it could replace a website. SUE COCKBURN discusses the reasons why websites are key. Read more »

Plan now, enjoy forever

A practice is about more than just providing first-rate healthcare. As KAREN CROUCH explains, if managed correctly it can also provide numerous opportunities for wealth creation, retirement and beyond. Read more »

Kering accused of making luxury sunglasses in China

Luxury brand Kering has denied accusations of false advertising after a lawsuit accused the company of falsely printing ‘Made in Italy’ on supposedly China-made eyewear. Read more »

Allergan settles legal case with whistleblowers

Allergan has agreed to pay US$13 million (AU$17.1 m) to settle a lawsuit brought against it by two US ophthalmologists who accused the pharmaceutical maker of an illegal kickback scheme. Read more »

Novartis to challenge Regeneron's wet AMD market stranglehold

An innovative drug developed by Novartis to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is set to challenge the market domination currently enjoyed by Regeneron’s blockbuster drug Eylea. Read more »
Keyword stuffing is a common mistake

Four SEO traps practices should avoid

Although search engine optimisation has been around for a long time, many small businesses still fall for familiar traps. CHRIS ASHTON explains how optometrists can improve their websites. Read more »
Extraordinary salespeople relate individually to each customer

Rules of engagement

The right and wrong ways to engage a customer can determine if a sale will happen before it even begins. DOUG FLEENER presents three steps sure to help sales staff go to the next level. Read more »

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