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Non-invasive laser used to correct myopia

A Columbia University researcher has developed a non-invasive approach that could permanently treat myopia by using a low-powered ultrafast laser. Read more »

Human corneas 3D printed in research breakthrough

UK researchers have developed a technique they say can be used in future to ensure an unlimited supply of corneas for transplant. Read more »

First standalone artificial iris receives green light

The FDA has approved the first standalone prosthetic iris for use in the US, which could be used to treat patients with congenitial aniridia and other iris defects. Read more »

New contact lens can be worn for six nights and seven days

The US FDA has approved the Bausch + Lomb Ultra range of contact lenses for extended wear of up to six nights and seven days. Read more »

Artificial retina likened to a doughnut could restore sight

A retinal prosthesis is being developed by Swedish and Israeli researchers that uses a tiny, simple photoactive film to convert light impulses into electrical signals and stimulate neurons. Read more »

AI spots form of child blindness more accurately than doctors

The inventors of an artificial intelligence algorithm claim it can automatically diagnose a leading form of childhood blindness more accurately than most eye specialists. Read more »

Intel cancels its Vaunt smartglasses project

Technology giant Intel has decided to abandon the development of its smartglasses project Vaunt, which utilised a tiny laser to send information directly onto the wearer’s retina. Read more »

Pen-sized camera said to improve glaucoma diagnosis

Scientists have developed a ‘pen camera’ that they claim makes the diagnosis of glaucoma faster, cheaper and easier. Read more »

Breakthrough 3D printing lens technique discovered

A new low-cost method of 3D printing lenses has the potential to create high-quality optical imaging lenses and customised contact lenses for correcting vision faster, and more easily than previously possible. Read more »

AI uses eye scans to predict heart disease

Eye scans have been used to train a Google-developed algorithm that can predict whether or not a person will have a heart attack within five years with 70% accuracy. Read more »

Artificial lens likened to human eye

Researchers have developed what they claim is essentially an electronically controlled artificial eye that can combat three of the contributors to blurry images – focus, astigmatism and image shift. Read more »

Deepmind algorithm able to spot eye disease with more accuracy than doctors

Google’s artificial intelligence company Deepmind has claimed it has developed an algorithm that is able to diagnose certain eye diseases faster and more accurately than human doctors. Read more »


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