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We need to talk about choice

Bupa is planning to introduce major changes to its insurance policies and doctor’s groups are up in arms. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of private health insurance, many consumers simply aren’t aware of the impact these changes will have. Read more »

Regulations a barrier to eyecare needs

As healthcare professionals from regional Australia and the public health system are especially aware, it can be challenging to meet the demand for eyecare services in the community. The magnitude of this demand is projected to increase as our population ages. Read more »

10905 – Why don’t we work together?

As optometrists we have a duty to our patients to provide the highest quality of primary eyecare possible. That’s why when visual conditions are outside where we feel comfortable practicing, we understand and utilise referrals to GPs and ophthalmologists. Read more »

No advertising budget? No worries

Picture this – it’s 10 o’clock at night. You pick up your phone and scroll through your Facebook feed, and then you come to an ad from a corporate optometrist. Read more »

Not all vitamins are vital

Recently I was referred a patient with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). She was a pleasant 62-year-old Caucasian female who came from a wealthy inner city suburb. She had noticed worsening of her vision, especially when driving at night. Read more »

Wake up optometrists!

Optometrists are a bright bunch of people, with big hearts and the potential to contribute to society in so many ways. It remains a noble profession that allows us to earn a decent living, have meaningful encounters, and make a real difference to people’s eye health and vision. Read more »

Customers need a reason to visit your store

Are your staff capable of delivering the standard of service required to make yours a 'kick-ass' practice? Read more »

Older Australians need our support

Earlier this year Macular Disease Foundation Australia released an Australian-first evidence-based report supporting the benefits of aids and technologies for those with vision loss and blindness. Read more »

Short-sighted approach to myopia a problem

One of the largest threats to eye health worldwide is myopia, and we’re not doing enough to stop it. Read more »

Look straight ahead!

When a blind person visits an ophthalmologist the visit usually begins in a benign fashion. If you’re very lucky the specialist will exchange a pleasantry or two with you. He or she will speak to you and not to the person who brought you. Read more »

Too important to sleep through

Despite the seriousness of its sometimes-fatal health complications, sleep apnoea is often seen as little more than a minor source of marital friction. Read more »

Gender equality benefits us all

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to attend Sydney’s academically selective St George Girls High School. At that time I felt I had many more advantages than women from previous generations and didn’t think there were any issues in terms of gender inequality in Australia. Read more »


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