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Don't become invisible when cutting costs

Cutting marketing expenditure might help to shave costs but BARRY URQUHART reports optometrists, like all businesses, must be aware that such action can damage their visibility and sales. Read more »

The mass extinction of loyal customers

Today’s digital age is all about convenience and choice. Consumers want more and expect to pay less, which, as JEANNIE WALTERS explains, is bad news for complacent businesses relying on outdated models and the apathy of their customers. Read more »

A simple guide to keeping it simple

When considering sales and marketing, businesses can unlock significant benefits and increase sales by concentrating on the basics. THOMAS YOUNG reports. Read more »
Keyword stuffing is a common mistake

Four SEO traps practices should avoid

Although search engine optimisation has been around for a long time, many small businesses still fall for familiar traps. CHRIS ASHTON explains how optometrists can improve their websites. Read more »


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