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Heights are only taken after fitting the frame

The importance of getting the right fit

No matter the type of optical appliance, the fitting of lenses is a vital part of the overall dispensing process. BRUCE WAIN explores the most important aspects in this special two-part series. Read more »

Secrets for progressive lens adaption

Progressive addition lenses can be notoriously difficult to successfully dispense, but LEIGH ROBINSON writes there are several techniques that can be used to ensure patients are left satisfied. Read more »
Lenses are becoming increasingly specialised

Digital lenses: a new hope

Patients rarely insist on the same level of specialisation when choosing lenses as they do for other aspects of their lives. STEVE DARAS explains why this needs to change, especially in the digital age. Read more »
The focal length is generally between 95–125cm

Pistol shooting correction

Pistol shooters require special assistance, but can be a loyal and valuable customer – if you know how to meet their needs. MICHAEL GRINTER explains the secrets to dispensing for this niche category. Read more »

Fitting heights for aspherics

Aspheric lenses are popular and versatile, but not everyone knows it’s just as important to take heights for these lenses as other more complicated offerings. JADE CUSWORTH explains why. Read more »

Get results from new lens technology

Freeform technology lenses were supposed to revolutionise the way patients felt about their glasses. But are we seeing the benefits? LEIGH ROBINSON explains what could be holding the technology back. Read more »

Progressive dispensing - getting it right

In the first installment of our new monthly dispensing column, JAMES GIBBINS explains the essential traits and skills dispensers need to possess in order to prevent adaption issues and unhappy patients. Read more »

Inaugural specsavers dispensing conference series a success

The inaugural SDC was held as a series of one-day programs, which visited various capital cities around Australia and in New Zealand. LEWIS WILLIAMS attended the Sydney conference to report on what was discussed at the groundbreaking event.
Read more »

Special Lens Laboratory

Face A Face

EnRoute Driving Lenses


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