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Half of vision impairment in first world preventable

New research has found around half of the vision impairment in Western Europe is preventable. Read more »

Eye drop makers request supreme court ruling

A proposed class action suit against eye drop manufacturers could be headed to the US Supreme Court (USSC), following a request by the major drug companies involved in the case. Read more »

US eye doctors push back against insurer

US eye surgeons are fighting back against a new policy from a leading health insurer that would make ophthalmologists responsible for anaesthetising and monitoring patients during cataract operations. Read more »

Online eyewear retailer sent to prison again

An online eyewear retailer who had previously served a four-year jail term for fraud and grave threats has been sentenced to another two years in prison for continuing to threaten and intimidate customers following his initial release. Read more »

Aravind to take ‘McDonald’s’ eyecare strategy to Bangladesh

India’s largest network of primary eyecare centres, the Aravind Eye Hospitals, will work with the Bangladesh Government to establish more than 200 ophthalmology clinics in the country. Read more »

Dailies account for nearly half of all contact lens sales in 2017

Data collected by wholesale contact lenses distributor ABB Optical has shown daily disposable contact lenses led the category for dollar growth and US market share in 2017. Read more »
Photo credit: AP

Lengthy jail sentence for ophthalmologist’s multi-million dollar medicare fraud

A Florida ophthalmologist has received a 17-year jail sentence for performing unnecessary eye procedures some witnesses compared to torture, in order to defraud Medicare out of at least US$73 million (AU$93.26 m). Read more »

$1 billion vision catalyst fund to provide universal eyecare in the Commonwealth

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is establishing a US$1 billion (AU$1.27 b) eyecare fund with the goal of providing universal eyecare throughout the Commonwealth and around the world. Read more »

Rwanda teams with NGO for universal eyecare

Rwanda has become the world’s first low-income nation to provide universal eyecare, after the government partnered with NGO Vision for a Nation (VFAN) to tackle preventable sight loss. Read more »

US Ophthalmologists lobby congress

The United States Congress has been urged to lift regulatory restrictions on the supply of compounded treatments in order to enhance access to these medicines for the treatment of aggressive and blinding infections. Read more »

Survey reveals 2018 eyecare trends

Genetics and telemedicine are likely to play increasingly significant roles in eyecare within five years, in the opinion of more than 200 US ophthalmologists who were surveyed recently. Read more »

Military tech identifies eclipse-shaped eye damage

A woman who viewed the US solar eclipse earlier this year without protective glasses has been left with permanent crescent-shaped damage over one of her retinas that matches exactly the shape of the sun at the time of the eclipse. Read more »


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