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$115,000 grant awarded to develop 3D printed retina

A team proposing to develop a living model of a human retina with the help of 3D printing has received US$90,000 (AU$115,890) from the National Eye Institute (NEI). Read more »

Latest OCT method provides more accurate diagnosis

A revolutionary OCT method has been developed that reportedly provides better 3D imaging of the cellular structure of the eye without the need for expensive hardware-based adaptive lenses. Read more »

Zeiss unveils latest ultra-widefield imaging device

Zeiss has revealed its latest ultra-widefield imaging technology, which it claims can provide high resolution retinal imaging across the entire retina. Read more »

Neuroscientist working on device to conduct retinal 'symphony'

A Stanford neuroscientist who likens the inner workings of the eye to a symphony, is working on a futuristic solution to the confounding problems of retinal implants. Read more »


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