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Micropump offers alternative to inconsistent eye drops

A micropump device has been developed to improve glaucoma medication delivery and reduce the risk of patients’ eyesight detiorating due to compliance issues. Read more »

An atom can make a difference

A new contact lens coating made from graphene – a sheet of carbon just an atom thick – could help usher in an era of wearable eye electronics. Read more »

Software selects perfect spectacles

The role of fashion stylist could be the next job to become obsolete at the hands of artificial intelligence, thanks to a small startup company from Kansas. Read more »

New camera bypasses need to dilate pupils

Researchers from three of the most prestigious US medical schools have developed an inexpensive camera which can record images of the retina without the need for pupil-dilating eye drops. Read more »

AI breakthrough expected in nine months

An artificial intelligence (AI) driven algorithm developed by Google’s DeepMind could be ready to read eye scans and diagnose diseases by the end of 2017. Read more »

World first trial of robotic eye surgery a success

In a medical first, UK doctors have employed a robot to undertake a series of delicate operations to remove fine membrane growth on the retina, paving the way for similar precision-based surgeries in the future. Read more »

Glaucoma treatment device temporarily reinstated on MBS

Glaucoma patients will be breathing a sigh of relief after the Department of Health (DoH) listed a new interim Medicare item number for the implant of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) devices. Read more »

Vision problems holding back kids

The education of some Australian school children is being put at risk by undiagnosed vision problems according to a study from the Queensland University of Technology. Read more »

$500,000 in grants on offer for contact lens researchers

Global contact lens company CooperVision is seeking research proposals for its 2018 Science and Technology Awards, with up to $500,000 in study grants available. Read more »
Mitasha Yu, BHVI regional director for Asia Pacific

Government expands efforts to combat Indigenous blindness

Indigenous Australians from more than 100 sites across the country will have better access to eyecare thanks to a new Federal Government program. Read more »


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