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Concern over low cataract surgery rates for Indigenous Aussies

Researchers from the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) have found Indigenous Australians are more than 30% less likely to have accessed cataract surgery than non-Indigenous Australians. Read more »

Younger Optics launches new summer campaign

Younger Optics has launched a new in-store campaign for its NuPolar polarised prescription lenses, which is available free to all optometry practices. Read more »

Shocking video: parasitic worm found in eyeball

Doctors made a gruesome discovery recently, when they found a flatworm inside the eyeball of a 17-year-old patient. Read more »

Donated corneal tissue leads to fungal infections

It has been revealed five patients who received cornea transplants from tissue donations supplied by the NSW Eye Bank subsequently contracted a fungal infection. Read more »

‘Star Trek’ headset for the blind launched in Australia

An augmented reality headset designed to help the visually impaired see again has been launched in Australia, thanks in part to campaigning from the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB). Read more »

Mobile eye health clinics closing the gap

A new study has revealed the Lions Outback Vision Van (LOVV) is boosting patient attendance and closing the Indigenous eye health gap in Western Australia. Read more »

Optometry board fees released

The Optometry Board of Australia has frozen the national registration fee for 2017/18 at $300. Read more »

Ophthalmologist accused of bribing US Senator

A corruption trial involving a US Senator and his relationship with a high profile ophthalmologist – who has already been convicted of stealing millions of dollars from Medicare – is being closely watched by Washington’s political elite. Read more »

Fractal implants perform well in computer simulation

Computer simulations of fractal-based retinal implants indicate the devices use less voltage and reach more neurons than current technologies. Read more »

Surfer’s eye a possible sign of cancer

Research emanating from Western Australia has revealed people with pterygium are nearly 25% more likely to develop a malignant form of skin cancer. Read more »

CSIRO first to commercialise AI screening for diabetic retinopathy

A small team of CSIRO scientists appear to have beaten multinational tech giants Google and IBM in the race to commercialise AI-assisted technology for screening diabetic retinopathy (DR). Read more »

Essilor release lenses for extreme visual needs

Essilor Australia has released a ‘Special Lenses’ range designed to help improve the vision of people with exceptional or unique visual needs. Read more »


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