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Bupa policy updates to change eyecare delivery in Australia

The Australian Society of Ophthalmologists (ASO) has urged Bupa policyholders to consider their private health insurance options, in the wake of a series of major policy change announcements that are set to restrict choice and expand exclusions. Read more »

Major retailers sue Allergan over Restasis

Allergan has been sued by four large US retailers that have accused it of antitrust violations related to its attempts to stop rivals from selling generic versions of its dry eye drug Restasis. Read more »

Human corneas 3D printed in research breakthrough

UK researchers have developed a technique they say can be used in future to ensure an unlimited supply of corneas for transplant. Read more »

First standalone artificial iris receives green light

The FDA has approved the first standalone prosthetic iris for use in the US, which could be used to treat patients with congenitial aniridia and other iris defects. Read more »

Celebration of education for TAFE NSW optical dispensers

The next wave of TAFE NSW-trained optical dispensers were lauded recently at an ADOA-hosted event that also included the surprise presentation of a life achievement award. Read more »

New contact lens can be worn for six nights and seven days

The US FDA has approved the Bausch + Lomb Ultra range of contact lenses for extended wear of up to six nights and seven days. Read more »

Tool accurately assesses dry eye disease risk

An investigation into the Dry Eye Risk Assessment (DERA) tool has found it can accurately identify patients at risk of the disease. Read more »

UTS Orthoptics Prize and Scholarship Evening 2018

The best of Australia’s next generation of orthoptists were recognised recently at the University of Technology Sydney’s annual Prize and Scholarship Evening. LEWIS WILLIAMS was on hand to relay the highlights. Read more »

Diverse program powers SRC

The unseasonably warm weather at this year's Southern Regional Congress matched the packed program, as organisers turned up the heat with a wide array of speakers and topics. LEWIS WILLIAMS details some of the more engaging presentations in part one of his special report. Read more »

Secrets for progressive lens adaption

Progressive addition lenses can be notoriously difficult to successfully dispense, but LEIGH ROBINSON writes there are several techniques that can be used to ensure patients are left satisfied. Read more »

Client records – access and ownership

The importance of sound administration policies related to the safe storage and access of client records cannot be overstated. KAREN CROUCH examines best practice for both management and employees. Read more »

Genome editing eye treatment a step closer

Researchers have restored retinal function in mice with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) by successfully applying CRISPR technology to a dominant disorder for the first time. Read more »


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