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Lab-created 'organ-on-a-chip'

A device containing living cells that mimic the structural and physiological conditions of the blood-retinal barrier has been developed by scientists from the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona (IMB). Read more »

Get results from new lens technology

Freeform technology lenses were supposed to revolutionise the way patients felt about their glasses. But are we seeing the benefits? LEIGH ROBINSON explains what could be holding the technology back. Read more »

Hubble begins European expansion in the UK

The US’ first direct-to-consumer subscription contact lens brand, Hubble, has been launched in the UK as part of the company’s second wave of global expansion. Read more »

Tech giants lead eyecare innovation

Tech giants are spending billions researching eyecare in a novel approach to ensure consumers can enjoy mobile devices and other visual technologies for their entire lives. SANDEEP BARDIA reports. Read more »

'Breakthrough device' gets expedited review from FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated an AI diagnostic system that autonomously detects diabetic retinopathy (DR) as a ‘breakthrough device’, paving the way for an expedited review. Read more »

Specsavers annual sales increase by $87 million, could reach $1 billion by 2019

Specsavers Australia has recorded $947 million in annual sales for the year ending February 28, a 10.12% increase on last year’s results. Read more »

Specsavers 10 years on: Still changing the face of optometry

The arrival of Specsavers in 2008 permanently altered the domestic optometric market. MATTHEW WOODLEY looks back on the previous 10 years to document its rise from international upstart to a dominant player in Australia. Read more »

Textbook ban reversed following industry outcry

TAFE NSW has backed down from a contentious decision to ban the distribution of optical dispensing textbooks to rival colleges following industry-wide outcry against the move. Read more »


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