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Australia to have first access to glaucoma device

Australia has become the first global market to gain access to a new type of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device. Read more »

Cosmetic procedure leaves woman blind

An Australian woman has been left permanently blind in one eye following a botched cosmetic procedure. Read more »

Tax authorities to target eyecare sector

Tax authorities are likely to scrutinise the healthcare sector, including ophthalmic clinics, more closely in the coming months, according to a note to clients from an Australian business law firm. Read more »

Funding for device to revolutionise corneal ulcer treatment

A group of Australian researchers has received a $1.1 million grant to help commercialise a medical device that uses bioink to more effectively treat corneal ulecration. Read more »

Study to determine how melanopsin affects how we see, feel

An Australian vision scientist has been awarded nearly $1 million to advance his work into a recently discovered melanopsin photopigment that mediates the effects of light on vision, sleep and mood. Read more »

New AMD eye drops could avoid painful injections

People with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) may soon be able to avoid painful injections, thanks to innovative eye drop technology being pioneered by a team from the University of Birmingham (UB). Read more »

Insurance policy exclusions put kids at risk

Many children with congenital cataract are currently being excluded from private health insurance coverage due to improper policy assessments, a prominent ophthalmologist has said. Read more »

$2 million funding to increase Indigenous spectacles access

The Federal Government has invested $2 million to increase access to subsidised spectacles for Indigenous Australians. Read more »

Australians achieve dry eye research breakthrough

A joint Australian study into better understanding tear film composition could lead to more effective dry eye disease treatments, according to the researchers involved. Read more »

Genetic variants identify glaucoma risk with 75% accuracy

A new study has led to the discovery of 133 genetic variants that could help predict the risk a person has of developing glaucoma. Read more »

Concerns over behavioural optometry school screenings

A number of paediatric ophthalmologists have raised fears about optometrists, in particular behavioural optometrists, performing vision screenings in schools. Read more »

Essilor Vision Foundation receives largest ever grant

The Essilor Vision Foundation has received its largest grant to-date to conduct school vision screenings in southwest Queensland. Read more »


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