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Diabetes-related vision loss rising at ‘alarming’ rate

A new study has shown that instances of visual impairment due to diabetes increased more than 60 per cent worldwide in the span of two decades. Read more »

Ophthalmology amongst most common clinical specialties

Ophthalmology has been listed amongst the 20 most common specialties for employed clinicians in a recent report on the medical workforce. Read more »

New partnership encourages glaucoma medication adherence

Glaucoma Australia has partnered with digital medication adherence company MedAdvisor to promote and support glaucoma patient compliance. Read more »
Dr Berkay Ozcelik holding the specially developed hydrogel film

Progress for new corneal disease treatment

A new corneal disease treatment said to be more effective than a corneal transplant is set to progress to human trials next year. Read more »

Fish consumption could reduce DR risk

A longitudinal study has indicated that consuming fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon could reduce risk of diabetic retinopathy (DR) in older patients. Read more »
The MyOptique acquisition includes the business’ house brands, such as London Retro

Pending acquisition set to expand Essilor’s reach

Essilor International has agreed to acquire a business that will further expand its online footprint. Read more »

Research reveals how cornea responds to damage

New research on how corneal cells behave could lead to better treatments for vision impairment and blindness. Read more »
Dr Joseph Ciolino holding the drug-eluting contact lens

Contact lens effectively delivers glaucoma medication

A new contact lens treatment delivery system could improve outcomes for glaucoma patients who struggle with eye-drop medication. Read more »

Brendel Sun releases new 2016/17 range

The new 2016/17 Brendel Sun range builds on the strong following the collection has gathered over the last couple of years. The latest release, available from September, features high-quality, high-fashion ladies sunglasses. Read more »

Study indicates consumers prefer store-bought glasses

A study comparing spectacles purchased from optometrists against those acquired online suggests most consumers still prefer practice staff expertise. Read more »
An image from Specsavers' latest marketing campaign

Specsavers wins OK to trademark 'should've' - so far

Specsavers is one step closer to trademarking the use of the terms 'should've' and 'shouldve' in the UK. Read more »

New look with beta-titanium

FLEYE delivers simplicity and elegance. Read more »


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