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Insurance policy exclusions put kids at risk

Many children with congenital cataract are currently being excluded from private health insurance coverage due to improper policy assessments, a prominent ophthalmologist has said. Read more »

$2 million funding to increase Indigenous spectacles access

The Federal Government has invested $2 million to increase access to subsidised spectacles for Indigenous Australians. Read more »

Australians achieve dry eye research breakthrough

A joint Australian study into better understanding tear film composition could lead to more effective dry eye disease treatments, according to the researchers involved. Read more »

Genetic variants identify glaucoma risk with 75% accuracy

A new study has led to the discovery of 133 genetic variants that could help predict the risk a person has of developing glaucoma. Read more »

Concerns over behavioural optometry school screenings

A number of paediatric ophthalmologists have raised fears about optometrists, in particular behavioural optometrists, performing vision screenings in schools. Read more »

Essilor Vision Foundation receives largest ever grant

The Essilor Vision Foundation has received its largest grant to-date to conduct school vision screenings in southwest Queensland. Read more »

Eyecare company chief accused of fraud hires Cosby lawyer

Controversial US eyecare company founder Mr Peter Pocklington has hired Bill Cosby’s lawyer to represent him in a multi-million dollar fraud lawsuit filed against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Read more »

Luxottica posts record net margin, confident of securing merger approval from China

Luxottica has claimed to have achieved a record net margin during the first half of 2018 while posting net sales of €4.53 billion (AU$7.14 b). Read more »

Novartis to seek shareholder approval for Alcon spinoff

Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis will seek shareholder approval for the spinoff of its eyecare division Alcon as it attempts to consolidate its position as a medicines company. Read more »

How to write for SEO (and why it matters)

SEO remains a necessary part of consumer marketing and writing for search-engine optimisation starts with a strong page title and description. SIMON DELL reports. Read more »

Southern Regional Congress continues to surprise

Tips for managing AMD before it starts, advances in ocular imaging, and a new technique for learning feature in part two of LEWIS WILLIAMS’ SRC report. Read more »

Dry eye - an increasingly common challenge?

While dry eye has only recently been recognised as a widespread issue affecting millions, it has been a perennial problem to sufferers for decades. LEWIS WILLIAMS traces its history to show its progress from perceived inconvenience to global health issue. Read more »


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