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Fresh campaign for new photochromic lens

17/01/2018By Matthew Woodley • Staff Journalist
Younger Optics has launched a new grey prescription sun lens that automatically reacts to changing light conditions.

The NuPolar Infinite is a polarised photochromic lens that varies between a light grey 60% tint to a dark grey 91% tint. In keeping with previous campaigns that have related product performance to the natural traits of animals, Younger Optics has compared the ability of its new lenses to change colour quickly with that of a chameleon.

According to the company, the NuPolar Infinite lenses are able to block virtually all glare by maintaining 99% polarisation efficiency. Information released by Younger Optics also claims the new technology is able to react quickly enough to changing UV and visible light to be suitable for any outdoor daytime conditions.

Younger Optics ANZ sales and marketing manager Mr Craig Johnston said the product release is very exciting.

“It’s the lens customers have been asking us to create for years,” he said.

“Finally we have a photochromic sun lens utilising NuPolar polarisation technology in the most popular lens colour; grey.”

Younger Optics is providing free point-of-sale advertising, including a window poster, window decal, and a counter card for the new range. The NuPolar patient brochure has also been updated to include NuPolar Infinite.

Additionally, practices can order social media content and digital advertising.

NuPolar Infinite is available in hard resin 1.50 initially, in a prescription range of -8.50 to +6.00. A polycarbonate release will also be released soon.


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