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First US patent for IOL with wireless video camera

Lifestyle healthcare company Strathspey Crown has been awarded a US patent for an intraocular lens (IOL) with a built-in optic image camera, LED display and communications module with wireless capabilities.

The company is the first to receive a patent in the ‘ocular smart implant category’ for the novel IOL, which includes multifocal, accommodating and phakic configurations.

The camera-integrated acrylic IOL will be completed in 2018, and the company plans to pursue an FDA investigational device exemption, premarket approval and a clinical trial.

"This patent represents a significant step forward in the rapidly growing sector of human cyborg technology."
Mr Robert Edward Grant, Chairman and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC

“Video cameras are now a standard feature of smartphone technology, and wearable cameras have become popularised by companies like Google and Snap in recent years,” Strathspey founder and chair Mr Robert Edward Grant said.

“This patent represents a significant step forward in the rapidly growing sector of human cyborg technology. The eye, as a transparent medium for light, is ideal for advanced and rechargeable implantables that enable video capture of all of the life’s experiences.”

Grant said the new patent would push the company to pursue its long-term vision of developing advanced IOL breakthroughs through smart implantables that integrate cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

He explained the aim of these new technologies would be to enhance human intelligence, augment perceived reality, and provide the ability to digitally capture experiences and individual memories.

While Strathspey Crown is the first to be awarded the patent under the new category, Samsung, Sony and Google have all recently filed patent applications related to the same field.


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